WordPress Design

The most popular sites are those that give readers fresh content on a regular basis, and a custom WordPress blog from St Albans Web Design is the perfect way to keep visitors coming back and to keep your small business brand “top of mind.”

Why do you need a custom WordPress blog design?

As they say “content is king” and that’s what really keeps the readers returning to your blog, but a unique WordPress blog design from St Albans Web Design in Hertfordshire makes the blog easily stand out amongst the many others in the blogosphere and helps to make the all-important first impression to a visitor. And for a returning blog visitor, the blog’s visual presentation leaves an image in the mind of the reader which plays an important role in building your small business brand.

Although WordPress started out as a blog tool, it has become widely used as simply a CMS (Content Management System), with either the blog function as just a subsection of the site or, in many cases, disabled completely. Since pages and menus can be created easily, WordPress has become the CMS tool of choice for many small businesses.

Why St Albans Web Design?

Any designer worth his salt can claim their designs are effective and impactful, but a good WordPress blog design also takes into consideration what the reader wants and your goals for the site are (click through rate, lead generation, etc). Your target market segment demographic and psychographic play important roles in determining the design and structure.

The Deliverables

  • We can style (or “skin”) any major blog software, although our recommendation for those new to blogging is market leader WordPress.
  • A design customised to your requirements, appropriate for your subject and engaging and usable to your readers.
  • Coding for our WordPress blogs:
    • Responsive mobile-friendly¬†layouts
    • Rollover navigation menus
    • Search engine optimised (semantic mark up), complete presentation layer separation
    • Cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
    • Fast loading
    • W3C valid CSS stylesheets
    • W3C Transitional XHTML 1.0
  • Installation on the server (or on your server if you have an existing WordPress blog).
  • Easy to understand instructions on how to administer your blog on WordPress.

Why deal with an impersonal London-based agency, when you can get personalised service from St Albans Web Design, close to home in Hertfordshire? Contact us today.