Email Marketing

The best source of customers for your small business is often previous customers. Collecting and using email addresses to keep in touch with past or potential customers is a cost-effective way to drive demand for your Hertfordshire business.

A Low-cost Way to Market Your Business

Small business owners can get not-so-small results with e-mail marketing, and the wealth of options makes it easier than ever. Like anything worth doing, maintaining an email newsletter requires a commitment on your part. To ensure you’re not relegated to the spam folder, you must ensure you have something of value to say to your customer base. Let St Albans Web Design help you say it.

Did you know: You can send a monthly email newsletter to a base of 1,500 subscribers for about £29? That’s about 2p per email! Think about it this way: it’s much less than a typical text message, but contains many times the amount of info.

Part of your core approach to web marketing is retention: either getting visitors to come back to your site regularly or staying in contact with them through opt-in email marketing. Direct marketing via email is one of the most cost-effective methods available to the small business owner. Whether you want to stay in front of prospects who are still deciding whether to commit or bringing back prior customers, an email newsletter is the perfect option.

3 Easy Steps: Write, Design, Deploy

St Albans Web Design in Hertfordshire can guide you in developing an effective email marketing strategy to increase your subscriber base, design and distribute your emails, and thereby increase customers to your web site or bricks & mortar shop.

Based on your goals, St Albans Web Design in Hertfordshire will design email templates so that you (or we) can publish your email newsletters. We’ll also advise on strategies to get your message past email filters and stay out of your customers’ junk email inbox.

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