Logo Design

The Internet is bursting at the seams with new companies, all competing for customers’ attention. Your brand image matters. Your logo should embody your business. Your corporate identity is the critical first impression a customer has with your brand.

Let Your Logo Stand Out with Three Easy Steps

  1. Define your focused and convincing brand story
  2. Design your logo to tell customers that story
  3. Create compelling online and printed marketing materials to promote your message

St Albans Web Design will help you design a bold, contemporary and effective logo to help you connect with your target market. And that equals bottom-line results for your Hertfordshire small business.

Where Do Most Logos Go Wrong?

  • Too much detail: It’s easy to design a complex logo. What’s harder is boiling down your brand to it’s essence and communicating it visually.
  • Designing only for a single medium: Usually a logo is designed to look good in either print or online. Of course it has to work for both, but many times the outdoor (signage) medium is never considered. Make sure your logo passes the “drive by” test.
  • Short term thinking: Your logo may work well for your small business now, but will it also be appropriate after your business expands (and expands)? Think ahead to avoid the loss of brand equity that comes with being forced to redesign your identity.

Put the experience and talent of St Albans Web Design in Hertfordshire to work for your small business logo design. Doesn’t your business deserve it?